Their Beginning

Maybe a fairy godmother appeared when they were born, sprinkling a little fairy dust over their shoes… Because, ever since they were children, Anik Jolicoeur and Alain Doucet have never wanted to do anything else but dance! At the age of four, in Ville LeMoyne, Alain was already dividing his time between dancing and hockey. Anik, in the mean time, was also taking dance lessons since her childhood.

It is in Montreal that the children, aged eleven and thirteen, began their career together. Partners on the dance floor for much longer than that, they have spent 24 hours a day dancing, travelling the world and winning trophy after trophy. They have enjoyed a winning streak since they were young, thanks, no doubt, to a remarkable discipline.

A few years ago, they even spent four years in England, working odd jobs and eating spaghetti without sauce, in order to have the money to pay for lessons with the best teachers out there! Anik and Alain won their first important title in 1987, the prestigious Canadian Amateur Dance Championship in Standard. Since that day they continued to train with determination to achieve their dream.

Créé par Francis Morissette