5 Times World 10 Dance Champions

Alain and Anik have enjoyed considerable success as the Canadian representative to the World Ten Dance Championships placing in the top three since 1995! Their dedication to the International styles of Latin and Standard as brought them to be the WORLD TEN DANCE CHAMPIONS. In 1956, Canada sent their first couple to the World Championship. It is the first time in his history we have a World Champion from Canada.

Amateur Titles

• Canadian Champions in Standard for 8 years.
• Canadian Champions in Latin for 4 years.
• Canadian 10 dance Champions for 6 years.
• Undefeated North American Champions in Standard, Latin, 10 dance.
• 10 dance Hong Kong International Champions.
• 4 Times World 10 dance finalists.

Professional Titles

• 3rd at the British Open Rising Star in Blackpool, England.
• Undefeated Canadian 10 dance Champions since 1996.
• Undefeated Canadian Standard Champions since 1997.
• Undefeated Canadian Latin Champions since 2001
• Winner of the show dance competition in Standard at the Ohio Star Ball.
• 3rdat the World Classic Showdance Championship 2002
• They have been in the top three at the World 10 Dance Championships since 1994.
• Five times WORLD 10 DANCE CHAMPIONS (Holland, France, Hong Kong, Germany, Montreal)

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